5 Software Systems Every Entrepreneur Needs

With the right software, you can run your business much more efficiently. But too many entrepreneurs are using software that’s all wrong for their business – or they don’t even realize how technology could help them speed up certain processes. Here are tips that will help you select marketing automation software, project management tools, and more.

Marketing Automation Software

Are you concerned that your sales and marketing departments aren’t always working in alignment? You can address this issue by investing in marketing automation software. A program like this will help these departments collaborate cross-functionally without getting disorganized or duplicating processes. 

As you research different marketing automation programs, try to look for software that specifically provides marketing analytics to help with your search. Furthermore, you should choose a platform that you can use to customize campaigns and automate rote tasks for responding to customer needs throughout the entire purchasing cycle.

Project Management Platform

If your team has been handling all of their project management communications and file transfers over email, it’s time to switch these tasks over to a specific project management platform. By utilizing project management software, you can centralize all of your team’s project management tasks and grant them one specific location for communications, document transfers, managing schedules and deadlines, and assigning tasks. 

When you’re shopping for project management software, Trust Radius recommends considering factors like general ease of use, customizability to your business’s needs, pricing, possible integrations, and scalability in case you need to add new team members.

Payment Processing System

Without a reliable and secure payment processing system, your customers won’t be able to easily pay for your products or services online. Naturally, this can hinder your revenue growth in the long run. If you’re searching for the right payment processing system, FiveStars recommends choosing a provider that offers tools for in-store and online transactions. You could also look for a processor that is specifically intended for B2B or B2C companies to best serve your customers.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Do you have trouble keeping track of your marketing and sales leads? To ensure that you never lose contact with a potential lead again, you’ll want to invest in customer relationship management software. Since this is such a crucial tool, you’ll need to weigh your options carefully. Formstack recommends identifying your current needs, and then finding software that matches your requirements – this could include tracking leads, related activity, closing rates, and new opportunities. 

Social Media Management Program

Nowadays, social media has become increasingly important for businesses across all sectors. Even if you only run a brick-and-mortar shop, and you do not sell any offerings through an e-commerce platform, you still need to promote your company on social media. But you do not have to manually update your social media accounts every day. Instead, you can schedule posts in advance, generate useful analytics reports, and more with social media management software. A program like this can save you countless hours, and you’ll be able to determine the best times to post, what kind of content resonates best with your audience, and other useful insights that will help you improve your overall social media strategy.

Today, you cannot operate a business effectively if you lack the right software platforms. Without the help of software programs like these, you likely won’t be able to reach your company’s full potential. By managing key processes and workflows with marketing automation software, a CRM program, and other tools, you can take on bigger projects and maximize your revenue.

Photo via Pexels